Al Anbar Enjoys Coalition Support

Joint Security Forces Work Together Well The province of Al Anbar has been working very hard to obtain security and to make things safe for their citizens. The coalition has provided support and training for the Iraqi Security forces, and as their professionalism has increased, the job of the coalition has gotten easier and easier. The trust and cooperation that the Iraqi people have in their security forces has been hard fought. The citizens have learned to trust and to engage both the Iraqi Security forces, and the coalition. The Marines from Company F, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, and Regimental Combat Team 1 have worked to train and equip the Iraqi security forces. Members of the Iraqi Security forces have attended a number of training Academies, and their professionalism has grown geometrically. Medical Supplies, Food Water and other supplies have been provided by the Coalition. As the professionalism and ability of the Iraqi Security Forces has grown, it has been a gradual increase in the trust that the local citizens have in their own security forces. Medicine, food, toys and water have gone a long ways toward assisting the daily needs of the people. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! There have been a number of occasions where Female members of the Marine Detachment have been able to interact and assist members of the women in the community. As the trust level has increased, the Female Marine Soldiers have been able to make real progress, assisting the women in meaningful ways. The women and children have welcomed the presence of the Female Marines, and it has aided in the overall trust and respect that the Citizens have grown to have in the Iraqi Security Forces and the Coalition.




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