Direct Enlisted Navy Benefits

Joining the Navy is an endeavor that has a lot of different benefits, many of which are well known. Others are not as well known, but still valuable to the person who seeks to make a career out of the Navy. Over the years the available benefits have changed, and it is lucrative from a financial standing to join today’s modern Armed forces because of the number and variety of the different benefits that are available. If you choose to join the United States Navy there are a number of different benefits available to you. Pay for special duty, allowances, and other benefits as well as housing, education, event the Montgomery GI Bill and other benefits that are available to the savvy person who chooses to enlist in the Navy. Some of the main benefits are Special Pay: You may be eligible for different types of special pay depending on your job specialty. Air Crew, hazardous duty pay, war zone pay, and flight pay are different types of pay that you may qualify for; again it all depends on your basic job specialty in the Navy. Basic Allowance Sustenance- As a person who is enlisted in the Navy you will receive a daily amount for food, which can be given out a couple of different ways. You are able to eat at the military facility or dining hall, it is referred to as rations in kind. It can be very useful if you are a single person, you can get up to four meals in 24 hours for no cost as an enlisted person.If you have a family, a spouse and or dependents then you will be given a daily amount financially that is given to you with your pay each pay period, from which you are expected to purchase food for you and your family. Many different base dining facilities at all military installations has undergone a huge change in recent years, and some of the different food options are very attractive. BAQ- Basic Allowance For Quarters- Housing arrangements are different depending your status, married or single. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You can be assigned to live in barracks if you are a single person, or if you are married you can get funds to pay for housing, or assigned to married enlisted housing on base. This is like many of the financial benefits that you will be eligible for, tax free and not subject to local state or federal taxes on housing benefits.




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