Apache AH-64 Helicopter Repair Careers

Many people think of the Army as a land based military organization only without realizing they have Air assets too. The United States Army maintains Apache AH-64 Helicopter squadrons to support ground forces during a multitude of Army Missions. As a Helicopter repairman you will be the person that is partly responsible for the mission status of the helicopters in your unit. You will be responsible to perform maintenance and repairs on Army AH-64 Attack Helicopters, also known as the Apache Helicopter. Technical training for this job lasts about 14 weeks, where you will be trained both in the classroom and in the field with hands on repair. One of the most interesting jobs in the Army is working on AH-64 Attack Helicopters. The duties of a Apache AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repair tech include: -Replacement and repair to various wiring systems and electrical parts. -Repair and service to landing gear and helicopter support structures. -Maintenance and scheduled inspection checks of key aircraft systems. -Perform special operations and scheduled inspections on helicopter systems. -Lubricating and servicing aircraft, airframes and subsystems. -Installing and removing aircraft assemblies and subsystems such as gearboxes, engines, rotors, flight controls and their various components. -Repairing and inspecting tail assemblies, aircraft rotors, fuselages and airframe parts. Apache Helicopters fly hundreds of missions each year. They direct enemy engagement duty, transport, patrol, flight training, and other ground support troops engagements. Its up to the Apache Helicopter repairer to help keep the craft at mission ready status at all times. If you are skilled in the industrial arts, or have an aptitude or flair in working with your hands, and if you have interests in engine and aircraft mechanics, and if you are good with math, then this may be a field where you could excel for the Army. You will learn to repair and replace Apache Helicopter engines and power plants, how to repair and replace hydraulic, electrical, and fuel systems, and how to fabricate and replace parts of the Apache Fuselage, airframe and coverings. Training to become a repairer on an Apache helicopter, to become part of the elite team starts like all Army jobs with nine weeks of Basic Training. After Basic you will go to individual advanced training Get your free career info here You will learn basic systems, electrical theory, basic disassembly and repair of aircraft equipment and engines, and other skills necessary to become part of the Apache repair team.




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