Military Jobs – Most Rewarding Career Ever in America! Hands Down!

Getting a job can be very difficult for individuals who have little to no experience in their chosen careers. Employers don’t like taking a chance on newcomers, even if the individual is willing to charge significantly less than their more experienced counterparts. Consequently, persons new to the job world must take opportunities that are low-paying, menial or volunteer-based. Fortunately, there is another option. This option involves getting career experience through the U.S. military. This article will discuss in detail some of the most common types of jobs a person can get if they do go the military route.

1. Combat

The military is most known for the opportunities it has available for soldiers. The most well-known combat jobs are those on the field, in the air or on the sea. For each of these jobs, soldiers must be physically and mentally fit. They must be comfortable with using a gun along with the possibility that they may have to take a life with that gun. They must also realize that at any moment their own lives could be taken in the course of a war.

Although combat jobs are the most dangerous for military men and women, they are always in supply. In terms of job experience for civilian employment, military persons will have to be creative in what they put down on their resume. This is not as hard as it may seem, since soldiers often receive extensive education before actually beginning their careers.

2. Intelligence

Intelligence personnel usually began their careers as combat soldiers. When they are able to work their way up into an intelligence position, they are responsible for how combat is carried out. Indeed, it may seem clich, but in order to do well with such a position, one must be very analytical and good at making statistical predictions based on data given to them.

Of course, there is the side of intelligence positions where one would be responsible for gathering the intelligence. An example are scouts or those that collect topographical information. Not as much planning is involved with these jobs, but a person must still be smart at least in a stealthy sort of way.

3. Legal

If a lawyer, paralegal or even a judge is having trouble finding a job, they should consider seeing what the military has available. Granted, the military won’t hire just anyone off of the street… a person will still need to be highly skilled. The exception is for paralegals, who do not need any special education or experience in order to get hired.

4. Medical

If combat jobs are the first type of career most available in the military, medical jobs would have to come in second. The military has a need for nurses, doctors and even vets both on the field and in military hospitals. In terms of the danger level, while military medics are not in the frontline of war, they are still a part of it. Military medics must be prepared just like a solider would be if they ever get raided or bombed.




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The first job of a Soldier is”To be a Soldier” First! Combat Medics are a specialty MOS among the medical field. Most units do not have Combat Medics as opposed to Line Haul Truck Transport units that only have Combat Life savers that do the vast majority of the medical work in case of injury. Regardless of their career field, when it comes right down to it the first priority of a Soldier is to be a soldier and carry a weapon and use the weapon to either defend or assault a position to gain the objective.

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