Hardworking Sons Of Iraq Given Support

Coalition Aids Iraqi Citizen Group With Financial Support The Iraqi Security Forces have been effective at establishing an overall security region. As the coalition slowly withdraws and turns over the security to the Iraqi Forces, there have been a lot of different side benefits. One of the most successful benefits has been the positive relationships between the Iraqi Security Forces and the local citizen groups. Groups such as the Sons of Iraq have established a positive and healthy working relationship with the Iraqi Forces, and this has been a win win situation for everyone involved. More than 1,500 members from the Sons of Iraq have been working with Coalition Forces, and the coalition has been providing money and funding for the Sons of Iraq to patrol and operate as support have been an important issue. By using the Sons of Iraq to assist in security, the Iraqi Security Forces have been ingenious in getting members of each of the local communities to assist with their own security. At first this was seen as a security risk, but gradually members of both the Iraqi Security Forces and the Coalition have been won over by the zeal and enthusiasm from the Sons of Iraq. Having a way to meet their own needs and the needs of their families has galvanized the Sons of Iraq. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Because the Coalition has provided support and funds to pay the Sons of Iraq, not only have they helped provide assistance, but their enthusiasm and support has helped turn the tide.




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