Rashid District Yields Weapons Cache

Operation Raider Gives Up Explosives And Guns There was a number of weapons caches discovered in the last week in the Rashid district, and gradually the Iraqi Security forces are brought onto them. The coalition is working support, following the lead of the different Iraqi Security Forces that are on scene. Iraqi Security forces discovered the first cache as the result of a citizen tip. The citizen found out that there was a large weapons stash in the nearby house close to where they were living and they brought this information to the Iraqi Security Forces. ISF forces went to the scene and discovered a large amount of explosives, and nearly 150 different 81 mm mortar rounds, as well as 4 PG-7 A2 rounds, all with Iranian markings and manufacture dates. There is a large amount of weapons and explosives that are making their way into Iraq from Iran, nearly half of all the weapons caches that are turned over to the ISF forces or Coalition troops are of Iranian make and markings. The ISF forces worked hard July 15th to mount Operation Raider Nor Easter, and they confiscated nearly a ton of different explosives in the overall operation. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The coalition has been pleased with the overall successes of the ISF efforts, and the number of different explosive caches and weapons. The weapons are given to the EOD soldiers from the coalition and taken to a central site and destroyed.




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