Iraq Security Forces Assume Security

Security Given To Qadasiyah Province Forces The security of the Qadasiyah Province has been gradually improving, and now is the sole responsibility of the Governor of the province, and the Iraqi government. It was given over to the governor in a ceremony where the Coalition formally surrendered security to the Iraqi local leaders and the governor of the province. Province governor Hamed Al Khoudari is now the chief security official in charge of making sure that the security and safety of the Iraqi citizens are maintained. With the addition of the professionalism that the Iraqi Security Forces has shown, it is a fairly sure bet that the Iraqi security will continue to be maintained. Lieutenant General Lloyd Austin is the commander of the Multinational Coalition forces in the province signed a security agreement which gave over the security responsibility for the region to the province governor and to the ISF forces. General Austin thanked the Iraqi people and the Iraq Governor for their support in helping to keep the region safe for the last several years but he gave most of the credit for the current security to the excellent performance of the Iraqi Security Forces and the Sons of Iraq. This helped the Iraq forces save face, and they are excited about being able to maintain safety and security of the entire province. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Coalition forces remain in the region to give support, and slowly they will withdraw over the next several months.




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