Benefits To Enlisting In The Air Force

The Air Force has worked hard over the last few years to provides a number of benefits that are an advantage to young people. The benefits are numerous, and joining the Air Force can be a very positive experience. Many people are impressed with the benefits, as an enlisted person you will be eligible for a number of housing, food, pay, and other benefits. If you are considering enlisting in the Air Force and if you are a young person looking for job training and good benefits it can be a smart career choice. Many of these benefits stack up pretty well to what is available in the private sector. Some of the benefits available include: Salary- The money that a person joining the Air Force is eligible for is pretty good- after boot camp you will receive about $1500 dollars or so a month. After boot camp and technical school, and as you rise in rank, the amount that you receive in salary will also rise. If you also consider the money that you receive for Housing, Food, allowances and other benefits, and then it becomes very attractive as a starting level salary. Housing- If you choose to live off base, you will receive a housing allowance that covers utilities, living expenses, and maintenance. You will be eligible for housing and the amount is very reasonable. When you live off base and arrange for your own housing, you will receive an amount that covers these housing and other related expense. It is a tax-free benefit, not subject to state or federal taxes. Food- Serving as an Air Force Enlisted Airman you will qualify for an enlisted food daily allowance. A military Servicemember if you are married and have dependents you will qualify for a financial amount for meals and food that you can consume with your family and spouse at your house. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. As a single person, you will qualify for a benefit in food called Rations in Kind. That means that you can eat up to 4 meals a day on base at the dining hall or meal facility. This is a more attractive benefit than you may think, as there is a wide variety of food choices, often the military dining hall has numerous choices in types and selections of food.




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Hello Sir,
I am a veteran. I am thinking about reenlistig in military again. With all the benefits that Air Force provide I want to know If military is gonna help me in my husband deportation aswell. I was hoping if you could give me update regarding this issue that we are facing because without this It would be impossible for me to reenlist. My email address is [email protected]
I will appreciate your response.

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