Housing Benefits In The US Navy

The United States Navy provides housing as one of the benefits for its enlisted Servicemembers. It can be a hefty financial benefit, with the cost of living and housing in the United States. It is one of the more attractive benefits that is available and it can be either on base, in barracks type housing for single members, or off base. Servicemember that are married qualify for off base or married enlisted on base housing. The benefits of housing in the military are a benefit that is restricted to military Servicemembers and their dependants only. The housing for military Servicemembers is called BAQ, or basic allowance for quarters, and it can take several different forms: Singles Housing- The housing that is provided for singles is move often on base. This type of housing is likely in Barracks housing, and it can be sometimes be cramped, without a lot of flexibility. Off Base Housing- Most times off based housing is likely reserved for married Servicemembers, they can live with their families. Living off base gives married Servicemembers a certain amount of privacy, more than living on base. It can give the Servicemember some separation, a respite from duty, wearing a uniform, and private time with their family.For a short time, their home becomes their own private sanctuary, in a way that is not possible in base housing. Base Housing- This type of housing is segregated many times, enlisted houses and apartments are in one area, and housing for commissioned officers is in another area. Advantages in on base housing include being close to their duty station, often Servicemembers can walk to work from their base housing. It also is a benefit to have their spouses and Servicemember dependants can live with both their parents. It is a great benefit to have, but there are sometimes rules that are in place that make base housing at times trying. Rules for daily living can include a curfew (especially for dependants under 18 years of age) in order to make sure that there are not disturbances to their neighbors. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Living on base can have some distinct advantages, for some people it can make the difference. There are base bowling alleys, commissary shopping, and other amenities that people who have never lived on a military facility may not be aware of.




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