JAG Navy Legalman Enlisted Specialist

The United States Military provides its owns military lawyers, judges and legal system. As such, when a member of the Navy breaks a law or one of the codes of Uniform military justice, they have to stand before a military judge. An enlisted Judge Advocate legalman is the specialist career that deals with support and administrative tasks. The Navy Legalman is the eyes and ears of the JAG corps, or Judge Advocate General Corps. In the UCMJ most if not all of the crimes that are found in the civilian world are categorized, and the JAG corps is made up of lawyers serving the Navy. The Navy legalman is similar to a law clerk. Serving in the US Navy as a legalman involves dealing with different levels of the Navy. The JAG corps is the legal branch of the United States Navy. You will work to prepare briefs, assist in legal filings, and provide legwork to assist judges and JAG lawyers in their caseloads. A Naval Legalman does many things that law clerks do not do. You will work to help with issues that are later vetted and approved by Navy lawyers. You will help with much of the paperwork and legal research that military JAG lawyers rely on for their briefs, and cases. Work as a Navy legalman can be very rewarding, depending on the command that you work at, You will assist Navy Lawyers provide both the prosecution and the defense in cases dealing with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. You will work with officers and enlisted personnel, and you will be tasked to assist in many areas of the law that are relatively straightforward. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. If you assist a JAG lawyer, you can be asked to do research as a defense team member. The Rating of Navy Legalman is one that helps in all areas of military law, including contract issues, issues of Navy personnel, judicial work, and other various legal matters. If asked to assist in the prosecution you would be asked to help investigate. Working as a legalman you may be required to read aloud documents in court. Working in the position requires you to be able to type at least 30 words per minute. You must possess normal hearing and eyesight, and have the ability to communicate in verbal and written form.




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