Navy Enlisted Submarine Specialist

The United States Navy maintains its own submarines, and the Submarine Specialist and Machinist Mates serving on board Submarines do the lion’s share of much of this work. Technical Machinist Mates also serve on the Navy’s Submarine Service, and receive in depth training on the most advanced systems in the Navy. You will work alongside other Machinist Mate fellow crewmembers to perform preventative maintenance and testing, and adjustments on most of the mechanical systems on board submarine. You will learn to deal with power plants, cylinders of compressed materials, and diesel engines. A Navy enlisted Submarine Machinist Mate is a jack-of-all-trades for the Navy. As a Navy Machinist mate you will be responsible for the routine care and operation of weapons systems, both auxiliary and primary, as well as damage control and firefighting equipment. There are a number of specialties that you can serve in as a Machinist Mate. You will receive training on refrigeration systems, pressurized air and fuel systems, plumbing systems and sub systems, weapons delivery and hydraulic power hoists. As a Navy machinist mate you will work to assist in the day-to-day operations aboard a Submarine. At basic Submarine Enlisted crew school you will be trained in one of two different areas when you attend: Auxiliary Systems Careers: You will operate and maintain the different plumbing, diesel, hydraulic, atmosphere, air circulation, refrigeration, and non-nuclear related submarine mechanical systems on board the submarine. Serving in the Navy as a Machinist Mate on a Submarine is a mechanically focused field. You will be responsible for storing and manufacturing oxygen, operating air scrubbers and machinery that removes waste from the air including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons. Weapons Systems Careers: You will become expert on the different weapons systems that are deployed aboard a submarine. You will work to coordinate and operate hydraulic and compressed air launch systems and a wide variety of underwater weapons and weapons launch systems. You are responsible for the storage of missiles, weapons and torpedoes and the shipping, unloading, loading and of all different types of weapons. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. To serve aboard a US Submarine you cannot have any history of drug abuse, and you have to type 40 words a minute. You receive training through Navy technical school and submarine basic enlisted school training. You cannot have any felony or misdemeanor conviction other than a minor traffic offense. This is a specialty that is closed to women, and requires a background check and clearance.




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