Al Abbas Receive Education Assistance

27th Infantry Regiment Wolfhounds Assist Primary School Many of the schools across Iraq have been damaged, and they are needing to be rebuilt. Members of the coalition have worked to identify different schools and facilities that will be put on the list for repair. Many of the walls are cracked, some even have mold on them, but the definition of devotion is on the faces of many of the students that come no matter what the school is like. Nearly 600 students attend the Al Abbas primary school, that is in the Taji Nahia, and they work hard five days a week to learn and study. These kids are the future of Iraq, and they are part of what makes all the hard work of the coalition worth it. The soldiers cant resists the smiling appreciative faces on the children when they are given support, or supplies are distributed. Soldiers from Company A, 27th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat team have been working hard to get support and assistance for the kids in the Taji. They have donated time after hours to give support, supplies and materials, as well as working on the school to help repair and replace elements. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The joy and the appreciation on the faces of the kids is more than enough thanks for the Coalition troops. As more and more facilities and schools are repaired and rebuilt, the situation in Iraq begins to take on a more normal life tone.




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