Financial Pressure Mounted On Al Qaeda

Operations Attack Insurgent Financial Infrastructure One of the main tools that the coalition and partners are using to root out and put pressure on the terrorists and insurgency in Iraq is finding and eliminating their financial sources of support. Coalition forces went into the field and captured two suspected insurgents that they had evidence were providing financial Al Qaeda support. One of the detained men is a known Al Qaeda financer working near Samarra, located about 110 km to the north of Baghdad. The man is known to be involved with known terrorists, and will be able to provide information on the AQI cells operating nearby. The coalition also responded to a report of a kidnapping and found another suspected insurgent in the process of freeing the young man that was held captive. The coalition found the victim and his attacker holed up in a small warehouse, the victim was bound and gagged, and showed signs of being beaten. By targeting the different insurgency cells and members of the terrorist network, the coalition has helped force the members of Al Qaeda to go elsewhere, and the overall security has remained good. The Iraqi Security Forces have aided in chipping away at the insurgency. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The people of Iraq used to be easy pickings for Al Qaeda, but now the terror network no longer has a food hold in the region.




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