Coalition Air Power dominates the Sky

Coverage in Iraq, Afghanistan control insurgents SW Asia

Recently U.S. Forces provided a vibrant show with ordinance and flares to deter terrorist and insurgent activity on the ground. Mission sorties of F-15E Eagle aircraft were joined by B1-B, and other aircraft in what Joint Terminal Controllers on the ground termed a Successful mission The B1-B Lancer aircraft also fired Guided Bombs down upon targets located in Oruzgan.

F-15E Strike Eagles and other U.S. Military Aircraft fly daily sorties in and around Orgune. As convoys move inside Afghanistan along established and new supply routes, they are provided with security cover with repeated flights along their route. Other highly visible targets were plied with flares and other ordinance by aircraft flying near Musa Qaleh.

Also, in Afghanistan, GBU-38 and GBU-12 ordinance was fired by MQ-9A pilots flying in Gardez, along with mission sorties from A-10 Thunderbolt and additional F-15E Eagle Strike aircraft. Again the JTC controllers on the ground stated these missions were highly successful.

In operations over Iraq, visible shows of force with ordinance and flares were done over Al Kut, Mosul, and Ad Diwaniyah. F-16 Air Force Pilots flew in this impressive demonstration of force to prevent activity by the enemy forces toward convoys in and around Mosul. These missions also were highly successful. U.S. and Coalition forces on the ground accompanied these missions with intense patrol sweeps by IED explosive teams searching for bombs and explosive materials.

Over five hundred fifty tons of cargo was received, with nearly 3100 passengers carried also by Coalition aircraft flying over Iraq in the week ending November 24th. U.S. Air Force C-17 and C-130 aircraft joined 26 Air Force and Navy Recon and Surveillance aircraft in flying mission support operations in and over Iraq.




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