Aviation Marine Corps Enlisted Support

The United States Marine Corps maintains its own enlisted Aviation Enlisted Support Corps. The Marine Corps perform a proud and distinguished mission, working with all different types of Aviation Aircraft. The work on different aircraft, including AV-8B Harrier Jump Jets, KC-130 refueling tankers, F-18 Fighters, and AH-1W Attack Cobra Helicopters. To keep the military readiness of their aircraft high, the Marine Corps rely on its Aviation Support Marines. The jobs in this specialty include: Aviation Weather Service Support, Electronics and Aviation electronics, Weapons support system technicians and Aviation Operations. Marine Corps professional Aviation ratings work to trains Marine Candidates in various jobs that are vital to flight and combat operations. Part of the improvements in recent years that the Marine Corps has done to improve their military readiness is to update their different bases. In 1978 the air base at Marine Corps base Twenty-nine Palms, California was remodeled and updated. It was re-designated air-ground combat support and combat center. In doing this the testing of different control, testing and evaluation control methods was established. Marine Corps combined Arms and Support missions in aviation support and aviation can cycle through Twenty-Nine Palms for training and further access to training support. This includes both air aviation and ground units. The Marine Corps maintain an established structure for established Aviation Support and Air Ground Task Force support. The Marine Corps was the first US Service organization to use the AV-8A Harrier Jump Jet. It is manufactured by McDonnell Douglas in the United States, but was originally a British Jet Fighter that was brought to the United States under license. It is a VTOL aircraft, or in other words it is landing and takeoff vertical. The Marine Corps has also been one of the first to utilize the newest addition to the Helicopter division of the United States Armed Services, using the MV-22 Osprey. This is a swivel wing aviation aircraft that also is VTOL capable. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The enlisted jobs in the Marine Corps Aviation Support wing are challenging and require good physical skills and dexterity, as will as the ability to process and think on your feet. If you work well with people, and can make sound decisions, then working in Marine Corps Aviation may be a good choice for you.




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