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Joining the United States Military is an option for many young people. You can choose to enlist and receive a large number of different benefits and options, sometimes-even enlistment bonuses. An incentive is different than a regular benefit, in that with an incentive, it is not available to everyone. To qualify for a job bonus, it normally is linked to the type of job or the specific job that you choose. Certain jobs are in such high demand that the military is willing to offer various incentives, bonuses, and rewards for choosing a career specialty or job that the military needs people in the most. Each service has their own specific needs, and regulates their enlistment incentive programs individually. The Air Force and the Marine Corps offer the least and fewest enlistment and job related enlistment bonuses. The Marine Corps offers only a bonus of 6 thousand dollars, for a few different jobs. The Air Force offered six different, specific bonuses for jobs, and their top bonus is regulated to be limited to 12 thousand dollars. The US Coast Guard offers a top bonus amount of 15 thousand dollars, but that is for a limited amount of jobs. The Navy and Army are the top bonus offering services currently, the Navy offers $20,000 dollars at their top bonus, and the Army actually still offers in limited cases up to $40,000 dollars as a bonus for certain jobs. The United States Congress has increased the amount that is possible to offer a person as a military bonus as $40,000 but currently the only service offering that is the United States Army. There are three common reasons that a military armed service generally will pay a bonus to an enlisted candidate. The reasons are; the job is very taxing and has very high qualifications for entry, enough qualified applicants can’t be found, or the job is not interesting or very unpopular. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. There are different examples of entitlements or military benefits that are used to help entice people to join the military. This is for example the Montgomery G.I. Bill, military allotments or military base pay, Military tuition assistance, TriCare Military medical benefits, and other such benefits. It is a great idea to become aware of the types and different incentives available. Enlistment incentives are designed specifically for certain circumstances. So rest assured, if you qualify for a bonus or incentive, you will be offered it.




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