Construction Combat Marine Corps Careers

The United States Marine Corps has many different ratings and job specialties, many of which are very challenging and enjoyable. One of the most rewarding Marine Corps Job specialties is the Construction Combat Marine Corps Engineer specialty. The US Marine Combat Engineer is a jack-of-all-trades, a Marine who is called upon to be an expert soldier and be able to fight and engage the enemy as any other member of the US Marine Corps. But the Combat Engineer Marine is different too, in that they know how to make things work, how to construct and rebuild, and how to assemble and use construction techniques. A Combat Marine Corps Engineer is able to use heavy equipment, construct, repair, and maintain a variety of different facilities, and sites. A Marine Corps Construction Combat Engineer is a soldier trained in many different duties, in addition to being a regular infantry member and expert rifle-soldier. At times a Marine Corps combat engineer will also work with delivery convoys, or the distribution of bulk materials such as fuel and other supplies in support of the Marine Corps operation or mission in the region. They work to alter, maintain, adjust, repair, construct and move different buildings, structures and equipment. Marine Corps Combat Engineers work to brace and set up very heavy objects and equipment, and to use rigging and various types of equipment and bracing to accomplish heavy duty tasks. Servicemembers who are assigned to this MOS are taught construction and carpentry skills, and different construction and heavy duty assembly methods in support of the Marine Corps operations and military mission. They are trained to use both the typical and also sometimes to think out of the box, to use methods and materials that require the ability to visualize, and to perform tasks not normally possible. Specialized demolitions and training in how to use explosives for construction, as well as placing land mines for defense and perimeter safety and usage in military and urban breaching of land is also taught to Combat Marine Engineers. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Performing as a Military Marine Corps Combat engineer is not for the timid or flight of heart, it is a heavy duty job with heavy duty responsibilities- not only do you need to be in excellent physical condition, it is required that you have good hearing and excellent vision. You cannot be color blind as much of the job requires the ability to use color charts and color coded materials that sometimes are explosive or volatile in nature.




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Very interested in construction opportunities through the Marine Corps.

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Very interested in becoming a combat engineer In the marines

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