US Military Police Careers Opportunities For The Daring Few

One of the most exciting jobs in the Army is the position of US Military police officer. They work to maintain order and enforce laws, investigating, detecting and preventing crime. In the Army, every member of the enlisted Army is a soldier first and foremost, and this means being responsible for good discipline and military order while performing duties as an enlisted Army Servicemember. But for those personnel that are selected to become Army Military Policemen, or even eventually Army CID criminal investigators can be assured of some of the most state of the art training of any Police Officer anywhere in the World.

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Working as an Army military Police Officer you can be serving or working on deployment literally anywhere in the world that the U.S. Army is stationed, supporting various Army Missions. You will receive advanced training to perform detecting, investigating, and working with various security patrols. You will learn how to work as part of the Army security team to prevent criminal activity and crime. Training is very intensive and extensive, and you will learn how to patrol in vehicles, and on foot. You will learn a lot about diplomacy, and how to interact with all different types of personnel, of all levels, rates and ranks. Learning how to specifically investigate and prevent crime will be explored during your training.

You should be interested in police work, and interested in learning how to investigate crime during US military operations. To be a candidate for the military police you should be determined and able to handle responsibility. Often people do not realize that the majority of the time, a military policeman’s job is done out of sight of the public. So you should be a person that is able to act on your own, sometimes without supervision but able to handle strict accountability. A military enlisted candidate for Army Police Officer should be of good moral character and honest.

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A great deal of the job of Army Police officer deals with use of weapons, patrol procedures, investigations, and how to deal with different types of crowd control. You will attend basic combat training first of all, just as any enlisted Army Soldier. Then you will progress into advanced BCT training, learning advanced techniques.

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If i am deployed after AIT is there a possibility of being deployed to a warzone, if yes what will be my job while there?

military dot image arin    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

There will be that possibility depending on what unit you’re assigned to. If deployed, you would likely be working security.

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