USCG Enlisted Damage Control Rating

The United States Coast Guard is a very interesting job, and the Damage Control rating is a very skilled and in depth specialty. They are the personnel to respond to different damage control issues. When electrical, physical, or mechanical issues arise, then the USCG Damage control personnel jumps into the fray, working to repair and correct any issues that need fixing. The job of a Damage control specialist is a big part of the Coast Guard and a vital part of the overall mission readiness of the Coast Guard. Damage Control Personnel are responsible for maintaining and keeping watertight integrity shipboard. They maintain fire equipment and flooding emergency gear. They work with welders, tools, and other devices, and they work to perform repairs on different ships, including chemical, nuclear, biological issues at times. They work to maintain different nuclear warfare detection and at times even decontamination issues and security. Types of Duty- DC Damage control specialists are both aboard ship and on shore, throughout the Coast Guard including small boats, cutters, icebreakers, buoy tenders, river tenders, Marine Safety Office and all different shore stations. On board ship a Damage Control Man is assigned to the Engineering department and stands watch in the engineering section. DC Training-The Damage Control man specialty has a Class A school that is located at Yorktown, Virginia. While attending Class A school you will learn watertight integrity training, oyx fuel metal cutting, carpentry, welding, firefighting, and chemical, nuclear, and biological warfare defense. Search And Rescue-All members of a USCG Coast Guard Unit participate in Search and Rescue where its more than physical and mental ability. You have to be willing to engage in participation and activity to give aid and rescue to others in dangerous or hazardous situations. The members of the Search and Rescue teams in the Coast Guard also have duties in vessel safety inspection and cargo and merchant ship licensing issues. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The primary mission of the Coast Guard is search and rescue. Serving as a Coast Guard Damage Control man is not a job for the faint of heart. The Coast Guard provides prompt and efficient disaster and emergency response to calls for assistance and aid. The Coast Guard gives aid to fisherman, boaters, recreational personnel, and anyone else the ventures onto or over the water in and around the United States.




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