US Military Air Combat Controller Careers

The United States military is flexible and they train their own military forward Air Traffic controllers. In the Air Force one of the most varied and challenging jobs is the Combat Air Force Air Controller. It is the job that requires a Special Forces type of personnel; the forward combat Air controller has to be able to parachute in first, often behind the enemy lines to perform his mission. It’s a combat role and because of this it’s only open to men at this time. The role of Air Force Combat Air controller is a mission oriented, duty first position. The soldier in this heavily specialized combat role needs to be able to perform a wide variety of duty that other Air Force Servicemembers do not need to be able to do. They are trained in the use of scuba gear, and can operate motorcycles, and a variety of equipment and machinery to operate behind enemy lines. He can rappel down a cliff, parachute in behind foreign lines, enter an area underwater, or by many other means. By the nature of the mission the Combat Air Controller has to be able to master a wide variety of environments in order to be able to perform the Air traffic controller portion of his duty. It literally is the case where the job is not as challenging as getting to the location first. The Combat Air Force Controller establishes assault zones and directs the aviation or air traffic that operates inside those zones. He is literally one of the first in, and far reaching assets that ground commanders have in their command. Air force combat air controllers are a vital much silent and often under reported job specialty in the military. They operate largely unseen… if you don’t see them they are doing their job. They are necessary to coordinate and maintain military aircraft over foreign lands, and if they are doing their job correctly then you will not be aware of them or see them. Combat Air Control is one of the most technically, physically, and mentally demanding jobs in the entire military. The Air Force trains and supports the combat air traffic control job specialty. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Because of the nature of the job specialty, it literally has many of the same physical and training requirements of SEAL team military personnel or special Ops soldiers. In fact in many ways the Air Force Combat Air controller is the equivalent to the Air Force Special Operations soldier.




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