Educational Military Loan Forgiveness

The Military helps provide Servicemembers with an avenue to obtain loan forgiveness for student loans. Many of the current warriors fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan deal with college and then suddenly they are wisked off to activation, fighting for their country. Many of the current warriors in Afghanistan and Iraq were scant months ago College students, who are also drilling reservists, before being called up for military duty. Many college students work very hard, and incur loans only to have them go into repayment while they are serving on active duty. Many different people serving in the military are not aware that they are eligible for loan forgiveness. They do not know that Congress established the process of loan relief for members who have been activated or reassigned because of the War on Terror. It is a great idea to know what the benefits and rights that you have available to you under the currently active legislation that Congress recently enacted. The Department of Education also asks colleges to refund charges and tuition if a reservist or military member is activated in the middle of a school term or semester. For Servicemembers that are forced to fully withdraw from school because of activation, the Federal Government strongly urges Universities and Colleges to provide either future credit or a full refund. This is a huge change; in the past such refunds were only granted in extreme cases or by special application or appeal. It is surprising the amount of military reservists who do not realize that this is an option. In some cases this involves the University or College to be willing to offer comparable credit courses, and flexible re enrollment options to affected students. The Department of Education is also relaxing requirements that schools return financial aid to the government if a student who is deployed has to withdraw suddenly. At other times, lenders when notified will have the Federal Government assume the interest payments while the Servicemember is on active duty. Sometimes it is as simple as postponing the student loan payments for those that are called to active duty. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Normally, after a certain date if a student is on Financial Aid the university or college in question has to refund the tuition to the government if the student withdraws after the final withdrawal date, each term. This would allow students to merely re register when their deployment is up.




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