Federal Job Support Benefit Programs

Serving in the United States military for more than 180 days consecutively is the determining factor for becoming a Veteran. When you are a veteran, you qualify for a number of different benefits. You have a number of benefits available in the civilian world as well, and one of these is the preference for Federal Employment. If you are disabled or served during certain specific periods on active duty, then you may have additional preference as well. You can apply for preferential hiring in the Federal Sector, as well as preferred hiring in many different state jobs, depending on the State where you live in America. For most purposes, A Veteran must be separated with a general or honorable discharge, if you have any discharge with any other conditions than that, you are not eligible for different types of preferred hiring. To apply for a federal job there are some different steps that are necessary for you to go through. You need to submit a resume and complete the Federal application for the job that you want to apply for. You will be responding to a Vacancy or Federal Job announcement. In that announcement you will likely be given instructions about the application, and required to give information about any military service you have had. You will have a chance to receive a numerical ranking. This is a score that you will be given depending on your experience, and will have any veteran points (either 5 or 10 points) added into your numerical ranking. The hiring that occurs is based on one of two different methods. Best Qualified. All Applicants are divided into three (sometimes two) categories that are arrived at by their score. “Best Qualified” is the highest category, and a Veteran must be considered first if in the same category. If you are a disabled Veteran then you will receive 10 additional points instead of just 5 for being a Veteran. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Numerically. All applicants, Veteran or non-veteran will be given a number score, and then the official who is selecting can select from three of the top candidates. A non-Veteran will not be given consideration or selected if there is a Veteran that is qualified and available, and who is ranked higher.




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