Army Nodal Network Enlisted Specialists

One of the most important jobs in the Army is in computer network nodal enlisted specialties. It is a job skill and specialty that is an important and central issue in maintaining Army military readiness. An Army communications and nodal computer network specialist is a member that performs key computer maintenance and upkeep, as well as serving as a network administrator on equipment that is state of the art, and vital to the Army mission. Nodal Network System Operators and Maintainers are key personnel that are responsible for maintaining the communications networks and lines of contact, and keeping them up and running. Members who enlist in the Army who have IT or computer programming or hardware experience are in high demand, and are able to advance their skills by Army computer military service. There are a lot of different types of training that work to provide an Army Nodal Network specialist with efficient training. Job training for Nodal Communications specialist requires Army Basic Combat Training and then additional technical training. These specialists maintain, operate, repair and use the strategic and tactical nodal communication systems. The Army will train you to function as part of an Army communications repair team. You will deal with different equipment that requires you to keep up with the latest technology. Because of the constant changing state of the art in communications this is a field that constantly changes, so you will have to be willing to keep your skills fresh. Using software tools and computers to perform network system operations, to utilize equipment and system error codes to detect and correct system faults, to operate, maintain and install preventative maintenance services. This is a job field that is extremely challenging, but also gives you skills that are in high demand in the civilian field after you leave the military. You will study in simulated combat situations in the Field, and also in the classroom. Training in this field will enable you to be employed dealing with electronics switching systems and WAN and WLAN network systems, operation, installing and maintaining primary computers and nodal networking computer Army Systems. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will have an opportunity to travel, and you may literally be put into service at any location where the Army serves. The Army has a large, mobile force and keeping Army Computer Systems and nodal networks in active and operational shape is a challenge but vital for keeping the Army mission alive.




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