Coast Guard Enlisted Operation Specialists

The United States Coast Guard maintains a variety of different ratings and specialties, and one of the more interesting is the field of Operations. The Operations rating is a command, control and operations specialty, and one that is involved in most of the different missions that the Coast Guard performs. The USCG Operations specialty is involved in law enforcement, combat information center operations, and a number of tactical and satellite computer system operations. It is a field that requires a lot of savvy and intense training. They should have normal hearing and color vision, and have an above average math ability. Specialists in the Coast Guard operated the satellite and tactical computer systems that are used by the Coast Guard. These systems incorporated electronic charting, global positioning navigation, and satellite communications. They apply their tactical and professional knowledge in communications and operational centers scattered throughout the United States. Since the events of 9-11 the Operations Specialist is a trained professional that now serves the Homeland Security Department. An Operation Specialist uses a variety of skill sets as they do their duty aboard shore stations, Cutters, and other vessels in the Coast Guard Arsenal. Operations Specialists receive extensive weeks of training in communications, navigations, and search and rescue operations. A enlisted USCG Operations specialist serves in the thick of things, normally on the bridge of a ship, or in a communications and command center. Operations Specialists in the Coast Guard are stationed wherever the Coast Guard is present. The Operations Coast Guard Specialist deals with operations and case management functions, and utilized tools and state of the art equipment, interacting with other crewmembers using old-fashioned team work to achieve their assigned missions. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The career fields that are open to former Coast Guard Operations specialists in the Civilian fields are Data Base managers, Vessel and Air Traffic controllers, Community/City and County based Emergency Operations center operators, and overall civilian Emergency coordination and emergency operation center managers. Serving in the Coast Guard in the Operations specialty involves a high level of commitment, in addition to a willingness to be involved in some of the most in depth security helping protect the United States Security. The Coast Guard is often the first line of defense against terrorism, and other threats against the security of the United States.




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