Fabrication US Army Metal Worker Careers

The United States Army has a lot of different construction style jobs. They perform remodeling and renovations at different Army facilities around the world and around the country. The Army needs trained, skilled personnel that are able to deal with fabrication materials. Working with metal and construction materials as a US Army Metal Worker is a challenging field. Working as your specialty or MOS job, you will receive top-level training and a skill that you can trade on for the rest of your life. An Army Construction metal worker installs and fabricates sheet metal into useful uses. There are a lot of different construction type jobs in the Army. In this regard, when working on vehicles the Metal Worker in the Army is responsible for the repair and maintenance of metal body parts. The US Army Metal worker works with many different types of fabrication materials. A trained worker working in his assigned field is worth his weight in gold. If you select Army Metal Worker you will receive training and be assigned to a variety of different Army Construction projects. A person working in the Army Metal working field deals with shaping and forming metal. If you have interests in the Industrial Arts, and have a good background in working with mechanical things, then this may be a positive job for you. You will spend time during your schooling working actively in the field in on the job type training. Various construction projects use as a building material different sizes and shapes of sheet metal. Some of your duties as a metalworker in the Army might include using electric arc, oxyacetylene, and gas type welding operations. As an Army Metal worker you can deal with fabrication of custom parts to repair pre-existing metal structures and metal work on various types of buildings. As you advance in your career, senior enlisted Army metal workers supervise and help train other soldiers in the Metal arts. They even sometimes repair parts of boats or vehicles making special parts out of metal. To be a metal worker in the Army you will start with Basic Combat training, the same as any enlisted Army specialist. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will then receive in depth training dealing with metal fabrication, welding and other construction type careers. Working as a US Army Metal worker will also involve dealing with the repair and replacement of parts such as fuel tanks and radiators, and at times work on vehicle frames and components.




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