Medevac Missions Flown By Former Teacher

Seattle Physics Teacher Now Flees Army Helicopters Army Major Donald Crider is a UH 60 Black Hawk Military helicopter pilot; he flies different missions of a Medevac nature for the 126th Aviation regiment. He is a 15-year military veteran, who had finished his service for the most part, and transferred to the Inactive Ready Reserve. Crider was serving in a different sense, as a Physics teacher in Seattle, Washington, when his call to service came again. He was notified that there was a dire need for his services, and so his commission was reactivated and he was recalled to active duty. Major Crider is a patriot, and he didn’t hesitate, while he loves being a teacher, he embraced being back in the service. He had been working as a teacher for about five years, but he slipped back into service, flying medevac missions and working hard to take wounded soldiers to medical hospitals. “I get to make the difference in getting a soldier to medical care swiftly using my helicopter, and sometimes it literally makes all the difference in saving a life,” said Major Crider. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! He works as a medevac pilot in the Maysan province with the 126th Aviation Regiment, and serves to swoop in and make pick ups of injured soldiers and to evacuate them to the nearest coalition combat support medical facility.




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