MGIB Reserve GI Bill Support Benefits

The National Guard and Reserves has become a part of our main United States Armed Forces. They work to protect our nation, and they are frequently mobilized and serving on active duty. They are an integral part of our Armed Response around the world, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. The compensation that is available for Reservists and their families varies, but one of the main compensations is participation in the Reserve GI Bill. The members of the selected reserves are not eligible for some of the different options that Active Duty Servicemembers receive, but there it is still now possible to receive educational help without activation to active duty status. The Montgomery GI bill program SR is a program that provides Reserve Educational assistance to Servicemembers that are serving in the Armed Forces. It is a program designed to provide educational assistance to any of the five branches of service reserve components. It is a version of the full Montgomery GI bill program that is specifically for members of the Selected Reserve. You can take the funds you receive from the GI Bill and use them for any college, university, or other program for your education. You can sometimes qualify to use the funds that you are eligible for under the MGIB- SR for different types of programs such as correspondence courses. Once in a while there are different remedial education courses that may be eligible for usage of GI bill funds. There are a number of different factors that are required for you to qualify for the MGIB-SR program. You have to have completed your original IADT training. To qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill you simply have to have signed a six-year hitch that began after June 1985. You have to currently be in good standing with your unit in the Selected Reserve. You must possess an equivalency certificate or a high school diploma. From the date you leave the selected reserve you have a maximum of fourteen years to claim your benefits. The MGIB-SR program also carries provisions for special circumstances, it is meant to be a broad ranging inclusive educational benefit for Reservists. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! There are different programs that are available that can be accessed by Servicemembers such as flight training and vocational apprenticeship programs. Educational benefits can be sent from the Veterans Administration directly to your school.




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I served in the Army Reserves from 1982 to 1988. Do I qualify for any military benefits?

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