Social Worker Enlisted Navy Careers

The Navy has a program to allow people who work as a social worker, or who are studying to be a social worker. The Navy can help students nearing a degree in social work achieve a professional basis as an US Navy Enlisted Social Worker. Working as a clinical professional in the Navy will allow you to work with people on a one to one basis, as well as in group settings helping them deal with life. You will have different opportunities to work with cutting edge professionals and military doctors, and medical professionals. It is one of the fastest growing enlisted rates in the Navy. While the program requires a degree and eventual commission as an Officer in the US Navy, the social worker program is one that gives a person time to achieve these goals while entering service as an enlisted person. You will have the opportunity to perform a lot of good working as a Navy Social worker. You will work to support Veterans and their families, and help find therapy and mental and emotional help services, and help support military families. As a Navy Social Worker you will help Military people to resolve various family and personal issues. Marines, Sailors and Airmen that are tended by Navy Social Workers have many of the same life situations as those people in civilian life. When notified by leadership or Commanders, you will assist in giving support and assistance to Servicemembers in crisis situations, and help them. You will help locate and provide support and counseling. Long separations, and intense stress can lead to strong emotional settings, and situations where a trained professional Navy Social Worker is very useful to help all parties involved. One of your duties as a Navy Social Worker will be to identify and conduct crisis awareness to assist those Servicemembers. You will be trained to help lead conflict resolution seminars and training sessions for Servicemembers, and to be a member of a proactive Navy health community. You will often serve in a variety of locales, from fleet and family type support facilities, to Naval Hospitals and Medical Treatment Centers. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will be responsible to help build and grow a positive Navy social work environment. Working with different Military and civilian professionals will give you skills to better serve the US Navy and military community.




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I am nearing the completion of my MSW. I am also an enlisted Navy reservist Petty officer 2nd class. How can I become a Navy social worker.?

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