Field Medic US Navy Education

The United States Navy supplies Field Medic Services for both the US Navy and the United States Marine Corps. US Navy Medics are loaned also to other Departments in the US Government such as the Coast Guard and other departments as required.

The Navy and Marine Corps have always had a close relationship, and there are some jobs that are not actively staffed in the Marine, but are instead provided by the US Navy. One of these is Field Medic, the Marines do not maintain their own Field Medic rating. The US Navy supplies it, US Navy Field Medics serve in the Marine Corps and while they are Navy trained personnel, they are seen as Members of the active duty Marine Corps.

All field medics in the Marine Corps are Navy trained medical corpsmen who serve as Navy personnel in Marine Units. The Navy trained medical Corpsmen receive an advanced training as corpsmen, and then they advance to assignment in the Marine Corps, for field assignment with active duty Military companies and field regiments.

Navy Corpsman that serves in the Marine Corps is for all purposes and intents a Marine Corps Servicemembers. Once you have trained and successfully completed the US Navy Field Medic education program, then you will complete a 7-week training course held at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina before being assigned to a US Marine Corps Unit. The Marine Corps utilizes the FMSS training to give the Navy Trained Corpsmen the ability to transition into serving in the Marine Corps. They are taught to work and function as corpsmen, but they must also work to fit in and function as a Marine.

It is the method that works to give Navy Corpsmen the experience, the self-confidence, and the methods to experience real life Marine Corp life. It still is something that is important for unit cohesiveness, and the Marines need to be able to trust their corpsmen, and it is very important that the corpsmen be able to stand tall and keep up with the members of the Marine Corps units they serve in. Every Marine Corps Servicemember has certain traditions that apply to them, including Navy Corpsmen. One of them is the saying “Every Marine is a rifleman,” and that extends to the Navy personnel that serve as Marine Corps corpsmen.

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This is one of the purposes of the Field Medical Service School. He is taught medical related training, but also different issues that are crucial to Marine Corps Servicemembers. Marines are the fast response members of the United States Military and as such they are very tough personnel that are known for their strength, endurance, and toughness.




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