Infantry Enlisted Army Specialist

Performing in the United States Army as an infantry member is a very intense job. It is physical, and a very active job, you work to transport equipment, move on foot, dig foxholes, and work to construct barricades and other different physical requirements, and these are just a little of the different specialties that you will perform. Army Infantry Servicemembers work very hard to perform their duties, and it is the backbone of the Army modern forces.

Becoming an Army Infantry Servicemember will involve 9 weeks of Army basic training where you will learn the basics of becoming an enlisted Army Servicemember. You will attend further training for 8 to 10 weeks where you will learn additional methods and procedures involved in becoming an Army Infantry Soldier. Serving as an Infantry enlisted Servicemember you will spend time in the field in simulated combat training, as well as time in the classroom. You will be trained in modern and up to date state of the art instruction and training. You will receive modern equipment and equipment, and learn to perform as a member of a fire team. You will work to receive instruction and training on mortar squad procedures, mortar sections and squads.

You will work to carrying out scouting missions to observe gun locations and using two way signal equipment and radios to relay instructions and battle orders and in the field camouflaging and constructing positions for weapons and mortar equipment. The Army maintains its Infantry enlisted members as the main trained Army foot soldier force. You will work to neutralize and locate mines, firing, employing and recovering anti tank and anti personnel mines and using combat skills including martial arts, and other various man-to-man personnel drills. You will work to operate, clean, and store different types of rifles, weapons and guns. You will learn and perform crew tactics in defensive and offensive combat ground operations. You will receive items arriving by parachute from planes carrying supplies and weapons.

Find the Military Career right for YOU! Click here for more Information. The US Army Infantryman is the core of the modern Army. They work to perform a wide variety of missions, and to destroy enemy ground forces, and capture territory. You will have the chance to target practice and hone your skills, keeping a high degree of mission and unit readiness.




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