Weapons And Suspects Seized By ISF

Coalition Aids Iraqi Security Forces Several different insurgent suspects were arrested and detained over the weekend, and the ISF found a large cache of weapons during a raid that yielded the suspects. US Troops operated as a support and they worked to capture an Iranian trained Special Groups Moneyman or financier, and also came across 5 criminals that are suspects as Special Group financing criminal activity. The person that is the alleged financier is known to have spread money and support for different insurgency networks in the City of Baghdad over the last several months. Coalition troops have accompanies the ISF on several different patrols, and they have been fortunate enough to capture several criminals during their involvement. Last Thursday while accompanying the ISF Forces the Coalition discovered and detained several known terrorist suspects in three separate raids in Baghdad, Benji, and Mosul. This has been very rewarding, and the first terror suspects that have been captured in a while for the Coalition. The suspect that was captured in the region of Benji has been an associate of several Al Qaeda officials and a former suicide bomb network that was shut down about five weeks ago. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The other suspects that have been capture are believed to be a known associate of a Mosul bomb builder. Four suspected criminal suspects have also been arrested that were discovered in Mosul.




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I would like to sign up and fight for my country

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am Kenyan and would love join your forces is it possible for aliens to be incorporated in your force?

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Must be American citizen for army or the us army.

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