Al Anbar Drug Bust Successful

More Than 500 Pounds Of Drugs Seized The success of the overall security in the Al Anbar region has been due to the hard work of the combined Iraqi Security Forces, and the Coalition. But as the security has improved, some of the criminal element has shifted to trying to move illegal drugs. When the Coalition moved on a suspected drug house on July 8th, they discovered more than 500 pounds of narcotics. It was one of the largest drug busts in Iraqi, and done with the cooperation of the Iraqi Security Forces. US Marine Corps soldiers with Regimental Combat Team 5 were able to cooperate with the Iraqi Highway police to stop and search a truck that was full of Methamphetamine during a patrol near Rutbah. The truck was thought to be carrying drugs, and by themselves the Coalition may have been successful, but by enlisting the help of the Iraqi Highway patrol the drug bust was done quickly, swiftly and in a professional manner. “Key individuals that we took into custody will keep the drug flow disrupted for quite some time,” said Captain Christopher Norton. Captain Norton is an intelligence officer assigned to Combat Team 5. During the patrol that yielded the truck the Marine conducted several patrols on the main roadways in and out of the area, and discovered several criminals trying to sneak into the area. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The War on Terror has helped to aid stopping the flow of narcotics into the region, and as they have worked to keep drugs out of the area, it has progressed into making several positive relationships for citizens and members of the coalition.




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