Are You Ready For Military Service?

Joining the United States Militatry is a adventure, but many people are not able to properly prepare due to not being aware of what is necessary. Joining is not complicated, but there are some things that are better to be aware of before you join. For the recruiters of the different services, enlistment is a numbers game, pure and simple. It is a job where recruiters are under a lot of pressure to meet a quota, and they are constrained because there are rules that they have to observe on College, University and High School campuses. These rules limit access to students and make their job more difficult. If you keep in mind some basic common sense issues, then you will be more successful and have more power and control about what happens to you in the end in the Enlistment process. Get It In Writing- Recruiters are judges and evaluated by different people, and by their superiors. The biggest issue that recruiters deal with is numbers, the number of people that sign up for enlistment. There are some wonderful opportunities that are available, and sometimes the different opportunities are available are valuable and unique. But if you are made an offer or given a guaranteed job, or a guaranteed promise for a bonus, or enlistment bonus, its important that you get it in writing. Interview Your Recruiter- If you are serious about joining the military, then come prepared with a list of questions to ask your recruiter. If this is the 2nd or more visits that you have made to a recruiter, you should have a good idea of some questions that you can ask your recruiter. Beware silly promises- Most recruiters are decent, hard working military Servicemembers. But there are times that military recruiters can make poor choices and offer promises that are downright silly, but many people fall for them. Some of the fallacies that some people fall for include: -You wont have to run at Boot camp. -No one will yell at you at basic training. -You will have your own private room during boot camp. -You will be able to do what you wish during boot camp. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Joining the Military is not for everyone. But, if you have some common sense and are willing to work hard you can be successful in military enlistment. Nearly 40 percent of people that try to make it in military boot camp fail.




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