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The Air Force maintains its own science specialists and science officers. They work to solve different scientific and other problems. The Science Officer in the Air Force is personally committed to finding answers, in the classroom, in the laboratory and in the field. The Air Force Scientist works to conduct and manage research designed to solve different scientific issues and problems. You will work with theory and practical situations to find scientific and mathematical solutions. Working as an Air Force scientist you will develop and prepare different methods, concepts scientific techniques to solve problems. You will be asked to find solutions to well defined situations, as well as being asked to think out of the box, to brainstorm and find novel and new answers to different new and important problems. This is a job classification that is especially well suited to those that have a BS or science degree. The different types of duties that you will have as an Air Force Scientific officer will depend what type of science specialty or background you have. You will work to serve as a technical consultant, and to use different scientific techniques and mathematical procedures to assist in different scientific endeavors. You will be asked to use mathematical procedures and techniques, to serve as a technical consultant, to prepare various technical solutions and document your work in technical reports. The sky is literally the limit, and depending what your particular scientific niche is, is the type of Air Force Scientific Officer you will be. If you have a Masters or Doctorate degree in physical, applied, or technical science, or if you are close to an advanced degree, then the Air Force wants to talk to you. Air Force scientists are sometimes chemical scientists or chemists, and chemists are expected to apply their expertise and knowledge of chemicals and different compounds as a materials, propulsion, fuels, biotechnology, or other type of chemist. The career path of Air Force Science Officer is diverse and varied. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Some Air Force Science Officers rotate through the Air Force Technical applications Center, and work to help monitor treaty expectations; other Science officers may be called to be instructors at the Air Force Military Academy. Serving in the Air Force as a Scientist is a competitive and demanding career, but it is also very rewarding.




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