US Army Veterinary Specialist Careers

The United States Army has a variety of different animals that it uses for support of the Army mission. They use sea Mammals, patrol dogs, horses, and government and ceremonial and dress animals, as well as other different animals for support. Their needs and requirements are what the US Army Veterinary Specialist is involved in. They deal with proper support, care and feeding. Only by being tended and their needs met can these animals keep working as hard as they do for the Army. A Army animal medical cares specialist works to deal with animal care, and to help the Veterinary staff at animal clinics, hospitals and animal care units both stateside, overseas, and around the world. Animal Medical Care Specialists in the Army work to calculate and administer medication, assist in surgery on animals, and keep records about animal care and treatment. They clean and disinfect wounds, and even can at times suture some wounds when directed by an Army Animal Veterinary staff member. In some cases Animal Care specialists assist in post death autopsies to try to find cause of death. They are responsible for monitoring and recording animal vital signs, and taking note of any abnormal readings or signs that they discover when dealing with animals. The Army Animal Medical care worker collects and prepares animal skin scrapings, feces, urine and blood for a variety of routine and ordered tests. They are involved in the treatment, management, care, and overseeing the sanitary needs of Army Animals. They interview and take animal histories from handlers and animal owners, and perform initial wellness checks and physical exams under the supervision of Veterinary staff. Candidates wishing to work as an Animal Care Specialist for the Army must have taken and passed high school or college biology, be a successful high school or GED graduate, be able to lift moderately heavy items, and must have normal color vision. They are supervised by the Army Veterinary staff, and work closely with other animal support and animal veterinary Army Staff. Training for US Army Veterinary Specialist starts with 9 weeks of basic training. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! After boot camp the Veterinary Specialist will spend between 30 and 52 weeks of advanced training. You will spend time in simulated field training, and classroom training, and receive advanced veterinary animal skills. Servicemembers who are trained as an Animal Care Specialist for the Army receive skills that directly translate to civilian jobs in the Animal and veterinary world.




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military dot image krista    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Grr I graduate in 2013
I really like to know more about this job..
What do I need to do?

military dot image Raquel Trinidad    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I’m very interested in the Army veterinary program. I just finished my first 2 years of college and need to gain some experience of future career.

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hi Raquel, sounds like an awesome program. No one can offer you the latest and best Army info than your local Army recruiter. Give him/her a call and tell them you want the latest Army veterinary program info and if comfortable, you can share your personal info like college credits, etc. If desired, may not be a bad ideal to call the Air Force recruiter and the Navy recruiter just to compare programs. Good luck!

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