Financial Assistance Available

Red Cross And Partners Provide Resources For Families

Often people are aware of services that the Red Cross provides for Service Members and their families. But many people have not heard about the financial services that can be accessed by Service Members and their families.

The Red Cross has an emergency services partner in each branch of the U.S. Military for assistance in financial matters. The Navy and Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, and the Air Force each work closely with the American Red Cross to help provide funding for members of the Military in need.

These partnerships help provide assistance and financial aid for a variety of needs. Such needs include:

-Travel, emergency travel for or his or her family

-Burial of family or loved one

-Crisis Assistance of a nature that cannot be postponed till the next day of business.

Sometimes basic needs are at risk, and the Red Cross can help provide money to avoid calamity. Providing money for urgent physical or medical needs, money for lodging of a temporary nature, food, or even funds to avoid eviction or utility interruption are other ways that the Red Cross can help out.

The American Red Cross has a well-defined and efficient network around the globe. Services that are provided immediately when a Red Cross Caseworker is contacted are.

-Verify the nature of the emergency, critical injury or illness, crisis need or death that affects the immediate family or Service Member themselves.

-Send a communication immediately to the Service Member involved, directly to their location, worldwide.

-Make sure that the message is delivered to the Service Member

-Provide complete follow up to the issue with family back home.

The following information is necessary to begin with, and is needed by the Red Cross Caseworker:

-Full Name of the Service Member Involved

-The Rank and Rating of the Service Member involved.

-Branch of Service of the Service Member (Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, and Coast Guard

-Date of Birth of the Service Member involved.

-Social Security Number, Service Members Service Number, or both.

-The Military Address of the Service Member

-Information and Address of the Deployed Unit and Home Base Unit.

With this information, the Red Cross will assess and give rapid assistance. For more Information, contact your local American Red Cross Chapter, or visit their web site

For Active Duty members overseas, call the installation or base telephone operator and ask for the American Red Cross, or consult your Commanding Officer or Unit Chaplin for more information.




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