Air Force Enlisted Weather Apprentice

The United States Air Force is a group that has maintained its own weather forecasting staff for several decades. Being tasked with missions that deal with space, airspace, cyberspace and defense of the United States at large, one of the most important jobs is the Enlisted Weather Apprentice. Working in the Air Force as an Enlisted Weather Apprentice is a detailed and involving job. You will work with personnel of different ranks and ratings, and also deal with members of different federal agencies as a matter of every day duty. You will work to forecast weather for a variety of different missions and reasons. You will be trained to forecast the weather for both your local region as well as other locales in your geographical region. The Air Force stations personnel trained in weather forecasting around the world to support all military operations, both Air Force, Army and sister military services. The typical weather apprentice is detailed to one of eight weather squadrons located around the world for initial training after their schooling. Weather Apprentices serving in the Air Force prepare forecasts, analyze incoming weather data, issue severe weather warnings, and provide accurate up to date weather information and forecasts to civilian and service personnel. You will deal with air force and other military personnel who rely on your forecasting and weather ability to help plan and mount their individual Air Force missions. You will serve in a variety of different workspaces, both on land, sometimes in the air in a mobile command vehicle, and be stationed around the world. Your training and instruction will also prepare you to interpret and read various computerized and digital systems dealing with weather forecasting. If you are very experienced and skilled at weather forecasting you may choose to volunteer and be uses in a Special Operations role as a trained Air Force Weather Parachutist and deploy with an Air Force, Army, Marine Corps or other military special operations unit. Knowing what the immediate weather will be is a huge aid to military planning and a vital skill to have on our side. If you are able to forecast the weather accurately then it is a huge advantage for your unit and one that will stand you in good stead both in the military and in the civilian world. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Weather affects everyone’s lives, from both active duty personnel to civilians, from the people involved in military operations to those that bring you your food in a local supermarket. Being able to predict the weather is also a necessary skill for successful military operations both domestically and overseas.




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