Departing For Enlisted Military Boot Camp

If you have signed up for the military, you are likely to participate in the delayed enlistment program. This means that you are scheduled for enlistment and have been given a slot in a scheduled boot camp class, and also given a day to report to the Military Enlistment Processing Station. It you have gotten to this point, then you are nearly in the military, you are only waiting for your departure for boot camp.

The process of arriving at the Military Entrance Processing Station is a little intimidating for some their first time. Sometimes you might have to arrive and stay overnight at a motel or hotel for the first night, and report to the military processing station the next day. This is often referred to as the MEPS Contract Hotel. Part of the process is signing a contract about the rules of conduct while you are at the Contract hotel. It is a common sense list of rules, and it is something that you want to take special care not to violate, it’s not something to take lightly. If you break any of the rules on the behavior contract you may be sent home and your enlistment voided. Your second day will start early, likely around six am. Do you have any new medical conditions?

You will undergo a medical check. Weight/Height measurements will be taken. No matter what is in your delayed enlistment program, the contract you go over TODAY, at MEPS is the one that will apply. You have begun the process; there will be a lot of “hurry up and wait” in your Boot Camp experience, and also in your entire military career. During your sign up the day you leave for boot camp at the MEPS entrance station you need to be serious, it is a place for giving and receiving information, and preparing for your trip to boot camp.

There are so many forms to fill you that you may be surprised, but in the military many things are reduced to forms. Everyone will undergo a test called a blood alcohol screen to make sure that you are not intoxicated or under the influence. You will meet with a representative from the service you enlisted with.

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So pay close attention, and make sure that all the information is correct. You will review your Emergency Data Card and have one last chance during your Pre-ascension Interview to go over anything that has changes during your delayed enlistment.




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