Issues To Focus On For Enlistment

The decision to join the United States Military is a big step. It is one that should be well thought out, and there are a lot of things to examine. For your own sake you should have a number of different things in mind when you do come to where you need to make up your mind about joining the US Military. Some of the different things to keep in mind include: Take a Friend- When you go to talk to the recruiter, even if it’s the first time, take a friend, parent or relative. This is for your own sake, as well as a smart idea in general. Sometimes its better to have another person along to hear and compare notes with later, as well as making sure you understand. Talk to Veteran- One of the best sources of information are people who have been there. Veterans know the ropes. Ask around, and find different members in your community that have been in the military. Find one in your community and ask them all the questions you can think of. Don’t Make a Snap Decision- Examine the situation from all angles. Think about the pros and cons. Don’t decide the first time you talk to a recruiter, and NEVER make the choice when you are upset, angry or depressed. Make sure you talk to your recruiter more than once. Make sure that you make a decision when you don’t feel pressured or under a time deadline. Beware of the Point of no Return-You should be aware that after you head off to boot camp, there is really no going back. You are committed to a point after you sign your enlistment contract. But the true point is when you show up and then depart for boot camp. AFTER that point, you are committed, for the full period of which you agreed to. Get Everything In Writing- You will receive a written copy of your enlistment contract. Make sure it contains all the promises or agreements that have been made, and read it before you sign it. You should be provided a copy that you can take and examine BEFORE you sign, and then talk it over with other people. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Consider Your Moral Bearings- Serving in the United States Military involved taking an oath, to protect and defend the constitution, by force if necessary. Can you use lethal force or weapons if needed? Many people cannot do that, and it is a very individual choice. If you cant then you likely should not enlist.




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