US Merchant Marine Education Options

The Maritime needs of the United States are provided for by the young men and women of the United States Merchant Marine Maritime Fleet. They provide leadership and direction, and serve on different ships and vessels that carry a majority of the goods; equipment and supplies that are used by the United States, and that are carried overseas and shipped to other countries. The United States Merchant Marine Academy is a training and educational 4-year institution that prepares men and women to serve in the US Merchant Marine Service. It is a program that has offered an education for over fifty years to young women and men. Many of its graduates serve in military or civilian careers that affect policies dealing with Marine and ocean issues, others work to attain careers in the Military. Goods are shipped from foreign shores to America, and also US Consumer goods are shipped from America to wind up finding their way to ports around the world. The majority of the people that staff the US Merchant Marine fleet come from the ranks of the US Maritime Academy. The Maritime Marine Academy is designed to make sure that our Maritime fleet has a supply of trained and educated personnel that are able to man the staffing needs of our fleet. As a military Maritime Academy student you will learn many things that are applicable to service in the Military. If you want to learn about the ocean and receive a top-flight military type education then you should consider seeking it at the United States Marine Merchant Academy. It is an excellent place to get a 4-year degree and you will also wind up with training that will allow you to serve in the US merchant Marine, or in the United States Armed Forces. Many of the Academy Graduates go on to lucrative shipping careers, or on to serve in the United States Navy. Graduates of the United States Maritime Academy are some of the most sought after college graduates in the world. They supply the trained and educated personnel needed to supply the transportation staffing for our nation. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. History, self discipline, navigation, in addition to a curriculum that is heavy into math and science, these are but just a few of the careers that you will learn about while in the 4 year Marine Maritime Academy.




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