Enlisted US Marine Females Set Trends

The United States Marine Corps have a long and proud tradition of service and their history of having the most intense recruit training is well known. In the area of Recruit Training for the Marine Corps does not discriminate. Women Marines have served in the Marine Corps since the 1920s, in the Marine Reserves. After World War II women had service in the Marine Corps reserves carrying a proud tradition for females in Military service in the area of shore duties that helped keep trained men free for various combat duties. In the Modern Marine Corps about ninety three percent of all the different occupational jobs and sixty two percent of all the billets have women Marine Corps Servicemembers serving in them. Women are not allowed into most combat roles in the US Marines just as they are restricted from such duty in the other services, and the modern US marine Corps has currently six percent of its forces that are made up of women. Women serve proudly in many different jobs and specialties in the modern US Marine Corps. About eight thousand five hundred women are currently active and serving in different jobs in the modern U.S. Marine Corps. Unlike early women pioneers in the U.S. Armed Forces, female Marines do not have a nickname, or an acronym, the have always been simply: Marines. The Marine Corps has never separated or integrated the first initial phases of training for Recruits entering their service. Many of the other Armed Forces have basic combat training that is segregated more than the Marines do, and slowly the Marine Corps Basic Training model is beginning to be viewed as superior for the purposes of indoctrination and basic training. The first service to have a woman serving as a General was the U.S. Marines. The women of the US Marine Corps have been trendsetters in many different ways. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The first Woman to lose her life in service in combat happened in Afghanistan, where a crewmember of a C-130 aircraft lost her life. Basic training for women is at a Marine Post, in a Marine Environment, they have the same Marine traditions. They are Marines.” Women serve with distinction and honor. All Marines, men and women undergo the same training, at the Recruit Center at Parris Island, South Carolina.




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