Special Forces Army Operations Careers

The Special operations and special forces troops in the Army deal with different intense military situations. These are the different soldiers that are put into different situations that are outside the normal field of operations. A member of an Army Special Forces team will be a member of an ODA, also known as an Operational Detachment Alpha. All members of a Army Special Forces Team go through demanding training, from Ranger School, to Airborne Training, to Aviation Jump School, and finally to Special Forces Qualification Courses. Army Special Forces teams are often called upon to equip, train, assist and advise forces with another government or forces operating against enemy held areas or enemy controlled territory. The Special Forces Team member is responsible for performing mission objectives, and carrying out orders in fulfillment of mission objectives. They should be slow to anger, and have the ability to remain calm under stressful situations. Persons interested in joining Army Special Forces should be physically in their prime, able to operate with self-discipline, confidence and intelligence. An ODA is a 12-member team that can be deployed around the world in various situations that require a rapid response. This requirement for an ODA can be in peacetime or war, in calm or crisis. Special Forces teams have used for many years various means of Unconventional Warfare, also known as Guerilla warfare. Army special forces operatives are experts in counter terrorism, as well as different areas of weapons and specials operations. You will be responsible for dealing with classified materials, and different missions that will never come to the light of day, but that can have serious impact on the security of the United States. All Army Special Forces members are experts at various weapons systems, and modes of combat. After qualifying as an Army Special Forces individual you will be the member of an elite force, one of a very few that can wear the Special Forces Insignia with pride. Being in the Army Special Forces is not for everyone. The competition to enter is very stiff, and the physical and mental demands put on candidates is very intense. Most people do not qualify, and nearly forty percent of those who begin the training to be Army Special Forces dis- enroll and do not finish the training. This is why it is considered an elite and competitive military service with a long and strong tradition of service.




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The Green Berets are the BOMB! I’m 16 and on my way to becoming a SFWS, if I can complete the training when it comes in 2 years. I can’t wait! Yeah, it’ll be the hardest thing in my life, but I’m excited to get there. I’ve always been really protective, and have a strong personality according to my peers. This is definitely the career field for me!

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