Iraq Kids Receive Backpacks

Children Receive Over Fourteen Hundred School Packs Forward Operating Base Hammer- Children from the village of Sabbah Nissan have received school supplies from U.S. Soldiers.  Troops from 1st Battalion, Tenth Field Artillery have helped kids with supplied, giving out over 1400 backpacks to children since their arrival on site two months ago. “On weekdays, during school hours, we are seeing a large decrease in the amount of kids out on the street” said Captain Pat Moffett, Battery A Commander.  “This is encouraging because it means more kids are therefore in school, learning and better able to succeed.” Said Moffett. The unit has seen a large upswing in success of their humanitarian efforts.  “We can not patrol down the street without seeing at least one hundred of the backpacks we have handed out.” Said Captain Moffett.  In addition to the school supplies, the Battery A has also distributed nearly seven thousand cases of pure drinking water. The Battery A, 1/10 FA is a unit in the Third Heavy Brigade Combat Team. “The citizens know that as long at the area remains safe then we can continue to focus efforts in helping and providing services.  Because of their concern we can do this, and our main priority no longer has to be security” Stated Captain Moffett. Part of the effort in the area since March of 2007, the 1/10 FA is also part of the 3rd Infantry Division.  Previously, all efforts were made in fighting insurgents, now the main focus can be on humanitarian efforts and aid missions.




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