US Marines Education Vocational Support

One of the vocational support education programs that exist in the military is the one that the US Marine Corps and Navy support. It is for active duty Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Navy Servicemembers, and it is a program that gives them a chance to complete different civilian apprenticeship elements while doing their jobs on active duty. It is the MAPS program, or the Military Apprenticeship Program, and it exists to give anyone in those 3 services that are serving on active duty a chance to gain skills. This program is a valuable effort to allow Servicemembers to improve their job skills all the while gaining ground on requirements for civilian apprenticeship programs. It is a program that is done jointly by the Department of Defense and the Department of Labor. The USMAP program is a structured, formal training program. Participation in the USMAP apprenticeship program does not require you to make any off duty investment of hours. It is a program that offers a lot of different benefits to the individual, as well as to the Federal Government. It is a type of mutually beneficial situation that can give the Servicemember an excellent opportunity to gain experience, training and skills. The program is recognized by the Department of Labor, and they issue a certificate that is nationally recognized when the program is completed. It an aid to the military because it helps streamline and formalize different types of training in the military and civilian worlds, and helps bridge the gap between the two different types of training. It is a win for the individual Servicemember because it allows for progress to be made on civilian qualifications for the job market while still on active duty. The U.S. Department of Labor certificate is an advantage because prospective employers know the value of experience that can be documented and that is standardized. The benefits of using the USMAP apprenticeship program are many. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! It is a morale booster and benefit because it encourages Servicemembers to select and pursue jobs in the military that they can receive some credit and training from after they leave the military. It is a boon to helping maintain military readiness and preparedness. You can utilize up to half of the program on the job requirements directly from time you spend doing your job on active duty.




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