Coalition Assists Iraqi New Water Pipeline

Al Rasheed To Mahmudiyah Pipeline Constructed The water pipeline project began on May 25th to connect the community of Al Rasheed to Mahmudiyah. It has been part of the effort by the Mahmudiyah Qada to reconnect complete and plan different projects. The coalition has worked hard to assist the local Qada with rebuilding, and the efforts have been paying off. The water treatment plant connects the water tower in Mahmudiyah to bring potable drinking water to the city, and has been a good way of reconnecting the Iraqi community. It is a shared project between the Iraqi Government and the coalition. Members of the 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd BCT, 101st Airborne Division have been working to help set up the water project. The local water director has approached the coalition and asked for assistance, and they then were able to sit down and plan how to meet the needs of the community in the fastest and easiest manner. Each of the sections of pipe is made in 9 foot pieces, and after it is joined it is tested to ensure that a steady water pressure can be maintained over the entire length of the project. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The government of Iraq has been more involved in the project than in different projects in the past, and it has been completed to their standards. More than 25 percent of the water to Mahmudiyah is expected to be provided by the project.




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