Navy F-18 Hornet Enlisted Training

One of the premier jobs in the United States Navy is the job of F-18 fighter pilot. It is a job that is vital to the mission and the response of the United States overall military. If you are a person that already has a bachelor’s degree, or are in school and you are interested in serving in the Navy as a pilot, then this may be a good job for you. It is a commissioned officer role, so it requires an enlisted Servicemember earn a college degree and a commissioned in order to serve in this position. No matter which type of career in the Navy F18 program, either pilot or navigator either one requires that you earn a commission. There are several routes to take, one is the ROTC reserve officer-training program, or you can attend the Naval Academy, or you are able to attend the OCS Officer Candidate training. The US military could not be the world leader in air and space without the dedication and skills that are found in its pilots and flight specialists. For entry into the Pilot flight training area, you will attend Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training. Officers are highly trained, and it starts with the individual. As a pilot you are responsible for flying aircraft and commanding crews to accomplish a variety of missions. To enter the Pilot field you should have an undergraduate degree that specializes in mathematics, physical sciences and other science related subjects. You will also study meteorology and other related subjects. , including combat support, combat, training, and search and rescue missions. Navy Pilots fly the most advanced aircraft in the world, and they do so with skill and style. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Navy will train you initially in basic of air navigation, theory of flight, flying directives, aircraft aircrew operating procedures and various mission tactics. Each different type of pilot training specializes in different skills sets and different aircraft skills.




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