Army Mechanic UH-60 Repair Careers

Many missions are performed each day, and each week in the combat regions of Afghanistan and Iraqi using US Army helicopters. The personnel that maintain and repair the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters are vital and needed Servicemembers. They are responsible for making sure that the rotary wing and helicopter force are at full operational readiness, ready for missions at any time. As an important member of the UH-60 Helicopter repair team you will be responsible for supervising and performing maintenance on helicopters in your unit. The helicopters that are in your unit will be maintained and kept running by your efforts, and the efforts of your mechanical and Blackhawk repair team. The job of US Army Blackhawk repair specialist is one that is highly specialized, and requires in depth training and mechanical skills. The duties of a Blackhawk UH-60 mechanical Repairer also includes preparing helicopter aircraft for scheduled maintenance and inspection. You will work with the same helicopter squadron, and you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and helicopters. You will be assigned to a team that is responsible for a specific group of rotary UH-60 Helicopter Aircraft, and be a key member to make sure they are in top military readiness as all times. You will study electrical and fuel systems, hydraulic systems and how to repair steel, fiberglass and aluminum airframe coverings. The members of the Army Blackhawk Helicopter repair team are responsible for making sure that the entire helicopter and rotary wing aircraft are checked out, and ready to fly in support of the Army mission. You will work to study both in the classroom and in the field learning about basic helicopter engine disassembly and repair. There is hundreds of Army missions each year that rely on Blackhawk helicopters for patrol, transportation, and flight training. If you have a background in shop mechanics or the industrial arts, are good with hand and power tools then working in this Army career may be an excellent fit for you. This is a job that will give you training that can serve you well after you are done in the military. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Many civilian aviation companies are eager to hire skilled Blackhawk mechanics and repair personnel. You will be trained on the latest state of the Art Army UH-60 helicopters, and deal with rotors, transmissions, gearboxes, engines, and mechanical flight controls, and their various components.




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