Araifiya Medical Clinic Nearly Done

Coalition Assists Local Iraqi Contractors With Construction Many different services have been given by the coalition, but none is as welcome as when new medical facilities are provided, or when existing medical clinics and buildings are rebuilt. A new primary clinic has been constructed in the small area of Araifiya. It is one that will serve a region that has not had much in the way of medical support since the beginning of the War on Terror. Many of the local village craftsmen were pressed into service, they were vetted and then hired to work on the medical clinic, and it has created a small boon to the community in employment as well as the benefit of finally having medical services. The new medical center is impressive; it has a new electrical system, a full-scale air conditioning plant, four offices, different treatment rooms, a spacious lobby, as well as other amenities. It even boasts a marble floor, courtesy of the local marble quarry. The outside has tall cement pillars and a panoramic view of the village and fields in the distance. The project was seen as a dream come true for the village, and for the local craftsmen that were able to work on it. The coalition provided the funding, the supervision, as well as detailed planning and coordination. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. But the majority of the work was from local craftsmen. They took part with pride to be able to work on their own village medical center.




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