Coalition Aids Rashid Special Olympics

Handicapped Children Given Support A large number of citizens turned out recently to show support for the Rashid Special Olympics in Iraq. These are the Special Olympic games that the coalition has worked hard to support being held at the Al Thura Sports Handicapped club. Disabled athletes from around the Iraqi Region came to participate, and the crowd as well as members of the ISF forces and the coalition were all there to cheer them on. Soldiers from the Coalition 4th Infantry division helped set up and support the event that featured fencing, tennis matches, and table tennis tournament action. All of these events were competed in by members of the Al Thura Sports Handicapped teams that normally practice at the Rashid District Disabled Veterans Center. “This is a excellent event,” said Captain Thao Reed. Captain Reed is associated with the 1st BCT, 4th infantry Division. “This event shows that Iraqi Citizens and Veterans can work together in sports, building camaraderie, and working toward teamwork together,” said Captain Reed. The games and different Sports events are one way that it is evident that society in Iraq is slowly beginning to change. The Iraqi Government is starting to realize that their handicapped and disabled citizens are an untapped resource, and this mindset is new for the nation of Iraq. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Rashid District Special Olympics are just one area that shows how disabled athletes are beginning to realize a level of acceptance for disabled people that have not existed in Iraq previously.




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