Officials In Coalition Confirm Iraqi Stability

Following Departure Of Georgian Detachment All Is Fine Many people were concerned that the stability that has been achieved in Iraq would be threatened by the departure of the Republic of Georgia soldiers. Soldiers from this member of the Coalition had to return home in support of the conflict that they are having with Russia. The Iraqi government and members of the Coalition met recently at a joint news conference, and assured the Iraqi public and the region that the security of Iraq is just fine. The security in the Wasit province in particular was mentioned, and the members of the Coalition had nothing but praise for the Iraqi Security Forces, and the manner in which they have stepped into the gulf, and done well. The 32nd Iraqi Army Brigade, as well as different units of the Iraqi National Police have stepped up to the plate, and accepted the challenge of greater security responsibility. Their actions have worked to assure an increased role in the security of the Wasit Province. “The forces in Iraqi and the Wasit Province are a professional force that the Iraqi Nation can be proud of,” Said US Army Colonel Richard M Francey, Jr. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Colonel Francey is the 41st Fires Brigade Coalition Commander, and the officer that oversaw the transition from the Georgian forces to the Iraqi Security Forces.




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